Monday, December 15, 2008

Illinois Voting Precincts

Chicagoland and Illinois -- it's where 4 out of every 2 voters, voted for Barak Obama...


Shoes thrown at GW Bush during Press Conf in Iraq

Watching our lame duck, duck -- really quacked me up.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Money for Nothing, Kicks for free...

Show me the Money. I'm a businessmann, but what the heck, it's just money... Sit down. Quietly and calmly count, then recount all of your blessings. Are you healthy? Do you have love? How many children do you have? Grandchildren? Safety? Freedom? A warm bed? A roof over your head? Food? Clean water? What are your gifts?

When people ask me, "How are you doing?" (the knee-jerk standard greeting in American language culture)... I respond with this, "I'm ALWAYS good! How about you?"

That's the time to fall silent and to listen -- these days, someone you know might need far more than the positive attitude. Me Thinks.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Soul Mates

Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you.
They are not perfect, but are always perfect for you.

Me Thinks

Monday, October 20, 2008

The "real McCoy" McCain?

What has happened to the John McCain (that Republicans "thought", they knew)?

At a Washington rally a few weeks ago, John McCain leaned into the microphone and asked (in the tone of a dime-store pitchman), “Who is Barack Obama?”

Seems to me that the Republican presidential candidate ought to look into a nearby mirror, to ask that of himself (particularly following the Wednesday debate, last week).

What has become of the once dignified Arizona Senator?

- The active reformer?
- The gutsy “straight talker”?
- The former POW and survivor?
- Where is the man who investigated Republican party corruption?
- The guy who investigated involvements in the Indian casino mess?
- Where is the author of campaign finance reform?
- Where did the friend of the poor immigrant go?

Do "haters" now possess the soul of the onetime defender of tax justice?

McCain -- who waited for years to elbow George W. Bush out of the way -- appears to have lowered his own ethics and manners to those of the Republican insiders (whom he once despised):

= Richard Nixon -- the master of "dirty tricks", who tried to deploy the FBI to advance partisan purposes.

= Karl Rove -- the exploiter of religious, sexual, and reproductive "wedge" issues.

= Bush himself -- who would follow any calculating jerk’s advice (particularly if risky, hard right, and unyielding).

= And finally, the late Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, the infamous Republican from Wisconsin -- the grinning purveyor of the "patriotism smear".

The latest smearings...

And you launched your political campaign in Mr. Ayers’ living room,” claimed McCain (in the third debate, referring to William Ayers, a onetime terrorist whom Obama repudiated). McCain went on, “Obama chooses to associate with a guy, who in 2001, said that he wished he had bombed more, and he [Obama] had a long association with him.”

McCain’s choice for vice president, Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin (as in, "pal-ing" ?), had already accused Obama of “pal-ing-around with a terrorist.” Overnight (on Friday), the McCain forces ramped it up. They began routing a recorded message (approved by the Republican National Committee) that said, in part: “Hello, I’m calling for the RNC and John McCain because you ought to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers...”

Obama debunked the smear during the debate (measurably, the worst ever heard from one candidate, delivered against another).

None of McCain’s, Palin’s or the RNC’s charges are true.

Nothing can make them so. Yet McCain & the RNC keep piling it on, broadening the fallacy, from “pal-ed around,” to “associated with” and now “worked closely.” That kind of big lie worked for McCarthy, Nixon, Rove, Bush and yes, Adolf Hitler. And it may work again in this era of chainsaw politics. It’s not funny or forgivable. Should it disqualify McCain on grounds of character?

Now that McCain himself has "rolled-in-the-gutter" (on national television), what will be left of presidential majesty, the demeanor of a chief of state -- were "M" to be elected?

In France, when the public votes "M", they mean Merde (shit), "a vote for no one"! Perfectly, à propos, Me Thinks.

McCain’s intellect and leadership qualifications quickly fell under world-wide scrutiny because of his dubious choice of, Palin. He didn't know her, and she was not vetted -- yet the act of placing Mrs. Palin on the ticket, was the biggest executive decision McCain had ever made during his civilian life. McCain didn't know that Palin's unmarried daughter was pregnant, nor that it's a bipartisan legislative body probing Palin’s abuse of power in Alaska. McCain did not know (that in July) Palin’s husband Todd, had lolled around the governor’s office behaving like her unelected Viceroy. McCain does now. Yet on Wednesday, McCain called her “a role model.” “She’ll be my partner,” added McCain, 72 (who has had two major bouts with skin cancer, and for whom "survivability" is anyone's legitimate concern).

Would Palin be up to the task of the Presidency of anything? And shouldn't she be impeached as the Governor of Alaska (talk to the AK State Trooper ...her ex-brother-in-law, for his opinion)?

There are many (including Republicans) who believe that McCain put the nation at risk by linking fate, to Palin. Just why he did it, is still unfolding. There are persistent reports that McCain was influenced by William Kristol (a New York Times columnist) who a decade ago, was a leading architect of the US invasion of Iraq. What is Senator McCain thinking?

Is this, the "real McCoy" McCain?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Universe & Creation

The more profound the revelations of SCIENCE ...the more certain one can be that there is a Great Spirit who made everything so.

Me Thinks

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Presidential Debate - Obama

Articulate... brilliant, intelligent, holder of a Harvard, Juris Doctor degree (having graduated at the top of his class). A State Senator, a US Senator. A man from the people, for the People. One who has lived inside of, and outside of HIS country. A man of Peace, who will bring Peace. One who speaks of solutions that will improve the quality of life for the majority of Americans (the great Middle Class). He will bring healthcare, secured borders, law enforement, tax cuts, true relief, and real-world Help for the People who need it the most (the AMERICAN people). He uses straight talk, and remains focused on the matters that matter to MOST Americans. Smart, intuitive, insightful, savvy -- a young man, with the plan.

America needs CHANGE (intelligent change). Obama has the House, the Senate, and (soon) the White House. Mr. President will be a doer of getting things done! Our first BLACK President...

Martin Luther King must be smiling: Free at last! Free at last -- from the Republican strangle-hold on the Economy, abusive use of a proud world-class Military force. Free at last from a shameful posture within world Politics, yet "there" for the average Joe. Let's HOPE that he will succeed at "spreading the wealth" (of America) into the pockets of ALL Americans, and wherever help is needed.

Me Thinks

Presidential Debate - McCain

From the "same", "old" candidate (who graduated at the BOTTOM of his class)...

Joe the Plumber. Joe, Joe, Joe. More Joe. Another Joe. Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, and Joe. Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe -- mentioned more than twenty (20) times over, Joe.

But, as it turns out:

Joe "the Plumber" isn't a licensed plumber.
Joe is likewise not a Union member.
Joe doesn't own a business.
Joe doesn't earn a fat salary.

Joe is not a wealthy man.

In fact, Joe doesn't earn enough to be negatively impacted by the Obama Tax Plan at all.

So McCain (the same), spoke the same name, same Joe -- many times the same. And true to the same, not much of the same story is true.

"Joe Six-pack" can spot a liar...
Me Thinks

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Politics & Physics (Hadron Collider scatter-matter)?

Eureka! A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science!

The new element has been named "Bushcronium."

Bushcronium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311. These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

The symbol for Bushcronium is "W."

Bushcronium's mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons in a Bushcronium molecule, forming isodopes. This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that Bushcronium is formed when morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as "critical morass." When catalyzed with gold or platinum, bushcronium activates Foxnewsium, an element that radiates orders of magnitude more energy, albeit as incoherent noise.

Foxnewsium has 1/2 as many peons [but twice as many morons.]

The physical properties of "W":

"W" has no natural CURIOSITY.
"W" is naturally BORING.

The "cure" for BOREDOM, is still CURIOSITY.
There is STILL no "cure" for CURIOSITY.

Meanwhile, Foxnewsium reached HALF-LIFE. Whereas, the peons and the morons reached END-of-LIFE. The combined phenomenon produced an ISODOPE that has been named, McCainium-08.

The symbol for McCainium is "M."

It has more of the same (upside-down) properties of, "W".
Me Thinks.

P.S. Hadron Collider (CERN)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ballsie Big Bail (What a Difference a Week Makes!)

A week ago, GW went on TV and referred to "the problem" as, "adjustments to our financial markets". Yesterday, GW was seen on Worldwide TV, using the phrase (referencing to the same "problem") as, "Americans could slip into a financial Panic". (His first use of the "P" word.)

A week ago, Fed Chairman Bernake was interviewed, and quoted as saying, "we are facing dire straights". Yesterday, Fed Chairman Bernake used the phrase, "a grave threat to the world's financial stability".

Someone ought to tell GW that an adjustment isn't a visit to a chiropractic clinic.

Similarly, it's not something to do (in public) with his "bolas" -- when dressed in a sweat suit, and whenever the family jewels have fallen out of his "Fruit of the Loom" under-garment.

I just loved a remark made this morning by a CNN correspondent (speaking of the Big-Bail-Boondoggle)... "There is definitely 'division' -- particularly with the Republicans and especially with the Democrats." Wait a minute, didn't GW come up with that tagline earlier this year? Yes, he did!

Here are a few of the economic "labels" (extracted from my 'TV' note taking) about the creative verbiage being used by the medias, and politicians (to describe the impending Recession). Yes the "R" word is out, as in, economic PANIC. Yes, the "P" word, has now raised its Pertinent, Poignant, Pointed head).

Economic-label words (for our Recessionary Panic economy, as of today).

You may PICK ONE that suits your fancy:

- adjustments to the financial market
- reaching for disaster
- dire circumstances
- downward spiral
- disaster stage
- off the cliff
- dire straights (Bernake)
- difficult period (H. Paulson)
- a financial Pearl Harbor (elder US Senator, name not cited)
- the shock market (I like this one)

In vogue this week...

- financial crisis (Biden)
- this crisis (Obama)
- crisis mode (Palin)

- crisis of our own (McCain)
- Grave threats to world financial stability (Bernake)
- A step into a financial Panic (GW Bush)

Ah yes, it's all about semantics these days, but just look at the power of words wielded by those very powerful men (and woman)!

Consequentially, I for one can't sleep at night, and feel like I'm about to hurl (anxiety attacks oblige). My preference? The word that says the Truth -- the whole truth and nothing but the Truth?


That's almost a replacement acronym for Post-Traumatic-Disorder. How much has YOUR 401K lost? And what is the value of YOUR home (if you still own one)? Fortunately, I know how to build an Igloo, sleep on pine boughs, trap rabbits, hunt and fish with a bow, and make fire from rubbing sticks together -- just in case.

The news gets worse by the hour. 'Tis also time to install a wood-burning stove, and to split more logs.

Me Thinks.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Decision 2008

InDecision 2008!

The Democratic Convention is history, and the Dem's "made" History. Next, it seems that the Republican Convention is destined to be one "for the ages" (or rather, "the aged"). While St. Paul may well have more Oxygen than the "mile high city", I'm fairly certain that it will be harder for everyone present (not soley the elderly) to breath...

'Lest we forget that when Obama visited Europe, his presence was met by public acclamation and he was welcomed with open arms (at a massive out-door gathering of more than 250,000 Europeans - many of whom were seen vigorously waiving miniature American flags).

I would love to garb McCain in "Lederhosen", transport him to Germany (at exactly the same place and time) - just to see who would have been no-shows; how many spectators would have come to see him in toto; and whether or not the waiving flags would also have been burning!

We've seen Old Glory "torched" all too often during the "reign" of Bush & Cheney. The Republican "liberation" of Iraq was gradually transformed into a "war" against an "enemy" who remains almost as mysterious and elusive to mainstream Americans as Bin Laden has been to capture. The US Military is now camped on Iraq's ocean of oil. Merely a coincidence?

The Republicans explained, that our presence was designed to remove Saddam and eliminate his "WMD's" (weapons of mass destruction that don't exist). Saddam's voice in the matter was soon to be eliminated. Do the survivors of the ongoing Iraqi nightmare even have one?

Americans and the people of the entire World were egregiously lied to - lies concocted by those same Republicans who aspire to more of the same, while calling it "change". Another lie?

America was once perceived as the corner-stone of freedom, truth, and dignity - a country deserving the respect of the World.

All of that has been thoroughly undermined by the Republican's, militaristic reign of terror -- having failed to protect anything (not even their "average" middle-class wealth, above an alleged $5 Million). So truly, should we be surprised to see the GOP groping to hold-on to the highest office of the land (having lost the House and the Senate)?

Do we, their "fellow-Americans" look THAT stupid?

We've been hearing a lot of the Democrats speak of "Hope and Change". Now we'll get to see the Republicans taunt their rendition of, "More of the Same" as change - they hope.

"Allah" spare us! (Yes, that was the Aramaic word that Jesus Christ used to say, God.)

It's also going to be amusing to hear more about Ms. Palin's "experience" and of her dutiful "international" exposure. (Uhm, what "experience"?) As the Governor of the Great State of Alaska, her dominion borders with Canada, Siberia and the Arctic Circle. Does that mean that she's inherently well-acquainted with the Russians, speaks Canadian French, and is pals with Santa Claus?

The Hillary pundits wanted a woman as President. The McCain pollsters seem to have pushed for the addition of Ms Palin, as a the Grand Old Party's "love pit" (and the move was as insulting to popular intelligence, as that term is crude and inappropriate). The GOP now has their own "fun pouch" added to their candidature -- to attract media attention and (they hope, votes). At least Ms Palin isn't an "old bag" (McCain vintage) for reporters to "poke" fun into.

Do the Republicans really think that other "vaginal" Americans are prepared to "prostitute" their wisdom and good judgment over to the McCain camp -- simply because of the gender of his running "mate"?

Espousing a quasi (3rd) wife won't ensure the GOP's cohabitation of the Oval Office.

The transparent move smacks of Elephant pucky. And there's always a lot of it.

Me Thinks.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stormy Sea! See?

Find your stillness. Await the calm. Set sail after the storm has past (when there are no more waves) ~ so that the mind may see clear to the bottom of a problem.

Meditation brings peace to the mind and calm to the heart.
Me Thinks

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good SEX, Bad SEX

Good SEX, Bad SEX?

Both are just like an economic "recession".

Long and deep.
Sure but shallow.

Doncha Think?
Me Thinks.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The quondam, temporal Love of your Life!

True Love - shared with you by the quondam, yet temporal "Love of your Life"!

Choose it, and you shall have it!

This is your journey too and should you so choose ...True Love will manifest in your life too. It is your relationship with you; my relationship with me; our relationship with us! Most of the romantic relationships in our world are based on dualistic structures and therefore carry certain inherent bilateral elements. Let's describe and explain what that duality really is...

Almost each conversation that we engage-in, ends with the same question.

After we discuss notions like “love”, “relationships” and the dating scene - while heading towards more abstract issues such as our duality and religion - our entourage may smile, then ask us to provide a personal "tip" (so they could find the kind of True Love of which we speak so often - or so that they might alter the current relationship in which they may be involved).

Every journey towards True Love is personal and unique.

Nevertheless, now that the main road is so well paved, there is one guiding directive that applies to everyone: Choose!

No matter who we talk to, and regardless the circumstances of their lives, the topic always begins and ends with the same thing – do you know what you want? Have you chosen True Love?

Allegedly, it could be considered ridiculous to even pose the question. After all, who doesn't want True Love? Who would refuse to have a deep reunion with life and nature and another human being (one that would make one happy and fulfilled)?

Indeed, at first glance we all want True Love.

The question is – do we choose it and do we know how to choose in the first place?! Therefore, my first and foremost tip for everyone – anyone who seeks True Love – is to Choose it!

Choosing is a state of being that doesn't take much effort or time. It is done continuously by all of us and its outcomes are projected in the outer reality. We live our choices every single moment of our lives. We each create our own reality and understanding. That axiom gives us two gifts – freedom, but also responsibility. Now I add that the first tool for reality-creation, is Choice. We have to choose and once we've made a choice, the Universe will hear and fulfill that choice. To use a clever parable, overheard recently:

"The universe conspires to fulfill your desires!" So, how to choose? Basically, humans can be categorized to two main types:

1) Those who make choices all the time and therefore create their reality.


2) Those who drift along the river of life and passively let (or expect) others to determine what shape will their reality take.

The move from one pattern of living to the other can be done instantly and requires only one decisive choice to do so. A difficulty may arise when one tries to remember how to make such choices. Whereas, it may seem easy or obvious (“How to choose? Well, I simply need to think of the situation that I want for my life, no”?) - a genuine choosing process, one that matches True Love living, requires special attention to simple levels.

Proper choosing has to take effect on three levels:

1) the mental
2) the emotional
3) the physical

Indeed, there are more levels to existence of course, but those three are the ones that we use to create our reality. At first, one needs to decide what one’s choices are. Do you want a True Love kind of relationship? Begin by stating that (to your self in your thoughts and mind) then carry-on to declare it to others when this subject comes up, for example:

“No, thank you.", "You are a nice person but I am looking for True Love, not just a fleeting intimate encounter.", "I am not interested going out with you on any other basis.”

Again, the temptations that life places before us can sometimes be amazing, but those are merely universal ways to check-out just how serious we are, about the decision we made. Those tests will go away - soon after we stress to ourselves that we must remain firm and committed to our original choice. We chose.

Remember: the Universe conspires to your (my, our) desires - so, once you made a choice you've also asked the Universe to test you (in order to see how serious you are).

Hold-on tight to that mental choice - the one you made in your thoughts, about True Love. Next – act in your life according to that choice. That's done by refraining from doing any act that would stand in contradiction to your highest notion of True Love. It begins with the way you treat yourself; continues with how you treat other human beings; and graduates within the actions you engage in in your daily lives. If you want True Love then watch carefully what you think, say, do - and choose!

We all have an inner compass to tell us what complies with True Love and what stands against it.

Hurting others takes you away from True Love. Endless searching for a mate at public places, or on the Internet takes you away from True Love. Dating people simply because you were bored or hurt or just for stimulation - takes you away from True Love potential.

It is you (me, us) who decide each moment by each action leading to, whatever is your (my, our) choice.

Your mental declarations and your daily behaviors should be accompanied by the third layer which is your emotional status. I am not speaking about the humane ups and downs or the myriad range of feelings that humans have. What I am referring to is the harnessing of your emotions to reinforce the choices you make. Let me clarify this with an example:

Let’s say you made-up your mind to have True Love.

You choose it and whoever asks you about your love life -- hears (and you make it clear) that you chose: True Love. Then you walk your talk - that is, you behave in ways that match your initial decisions about, True Love! But still, something is missing.

Deep within, you are still not sure that you will make it. You still doubt that you can have what you want. Doubt leads to confusion, frustration, worry, and sometimes - depression. Those are feelings that do not match your choice. Actually, they contradict the other efforts you invested in the other two levels:

- the mind
- the behavior

Remember - your choice must be valid on all three levels. Therefore, you must harness all your efforts to change those feelings. Change the doubt to certainty. Feel how worthy you are! Feel how the mighty Universe is coming to your aid - to bring you True Love, simply because you deserve it! No need to contemplate your worthiness or to make a check list of all your advantages and disadvantages in order to balance it.

Simply – feel that all is ok, and that your choice will manifest itself. Is this just pretending?

Absolutely! At first, your mind will tell you that you lie to yourself. That your choices worth nothing. That you don’t do it correctly. Your mind will battle your efforts to Trust, because your mind fears what it does not yet see, hear, and grasp within the five senses.

Keep choosing. Do not give up. Choose on all levels until you witness how your choices manifest themselves (right before your senses) - and they will. There is only one valuable "tip" for creating True Love (and along with this gift) are other Greater gifts that life will bring to you...

So, choose!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brobdingnagian Feelings.

When a we allow emotions to guide our behavior, we are likely to fool ourselves into becoming the biggest fool of all, and smaller for it.

Lilliputian Thinking?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Did sincerity die? (Quaere Verum!)

Within my quest for Truth, when I speak of Truth ...

I am not referring to a profound mystery, such as the "meaning of life", nor any particular controversial fact related to politics or the World stage. Nor even to my own opinions, per se. Truth is that Universal reality over-which no individual has dominion.

Truth is immutable. It belongs to the Higher Authority.

I speak of Truth -- as was once spoken, in the Latin tongue: veritas.

"Liar" is such an ugly notion. I’ve always disliked the nuances of the word "liar", due to its inherent connotations of: malicious dishonesty, and deceit. Instead, let us use the term "insincere". Let's take a step back.

Am I alone in this thought, or are there genuinely more "insincere" people these days ...than ever before? Whether we realize it or not, what we say, is often not, "meant".

I've observed the phenomenon everywhere -- from printed headlines, to verbal opinions voiced by friends, family, colleagues, peers, superiors, subordinates, contemporaries, lovers, ex-lovers, and (most especially) politicians. Everyone seems to be "insincere" towards everyone else -- as if falsehood has become ingrained into the very fabric of society.

Has everyone become a liar? Why do so many gravitate to the "insincere"?

Most often (me thinks), insincerity is engaged to promote some sort of advantage. Knowledge of the truth can be an advantage. Knowledge helps us to face life’s myriad situations, and "advantage" is apparently not something most of us are willing to share (nor give up), or even acknowledge (when we're wrong).

The irony is this: while there may be a surfeit of corpulent liars today, there’s a scarcity of really good ones. 'Tis one thing when a person lies to your face, but when that person has lied to your face (and you learn later, that the person was indeed -- lying), the discovery becomes pathetic.

Sarcasm: if a person is intent on their lie, ought they not know "how" to lie (without being caught -- giggle)? If you, like me are a keen observer of human behavior -- it really isn’t that difficult to tell when a person is lying... The difficulty is in how to address the lie so that correction can be made. But, let us return to the initial topic.

Is honesty "passé" ?

Is the telling of Truth still considered "virtuous" (when barely anyone embraces it?

What is it with people today?

Did sincerity die?

Has truth become so very trivial and so extra inconsequential, that no one bothers to seek it out, much less -- engage "truth-speak"? Are we, as people -- as a race of Men, so incapable of flatly stating what "is" (in lieu of wrapping-up off-color, skewed "mistruth" inside of a web of deceit, lies, and confusion)?

Are we now (by nature) more deceitful, than we were (by nature) more sincere?

Call me pessimistic or cynical, but somehow -- it seems that way. Quite a shame really, and this worries me: when one thinks about it, once we’ve crossed the line to the point of being comfortable with (and even believing our own gross falsehoods) our undoing becomes inevitable. Lies stack up on each other, creating even more lies, breeding suspicion and mistrust -- and eventually manifest themselves (at a future time) as a destructive force which usually remains a mystery -- until too late.

Man by nature, is a social animal. One need not be a sociologist to imagine what long-term damage such a surplus of lies and fabrications can do to Mans' complex social structures. And history has shown us, that civilizations and societies do fall from such ills. One way or another, the downfall emanates from deceit. Such catastrophe has happened before, it will probably happen again, alas. But it won’t happen overnight. That collapse might not occur within our lifetimes, nor our childrens', childrens' lifetimes -- but we’re on our way...

Unless we can each see, then make correction -- to the errors of our ways.

Quaere Verum!
Me Thinks

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Enduring Voices

Linguists say, that nearly one-half of the languages spoken in the World today are in danger of extinction and are likely to disappear in this century. In fact, they are now falling out of use at a rate of about one every two weeks. Thus, we will lose more than ONE-HALF of humanity's linguistic, social, and cultural legacy as the last remaining native speakers, die.


LIVING TONGUES (Institute for Endanged Languages):

Every language and culture is part of the mosaic of humanity...


There are about 7000 spoken languages (which sub-divide into 39,491 alternate names and dialects).


(Encyclopedic reference, cataloging all 6,912 of the known living languages.)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Political is as Political does?

Ever notice how ...people who want to share their political views with you, almost never want you to share yours with them?

Me Thinks

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Righteous is as Righteous does?

Ever notice how ...people who want to share their religious views with you, almost never want you to share yours with them?

Me Thinks

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some Stray Dog (for President)?

Let's face up to the hard TRUTH America!

For most, the numbers have been "down" on the Markets since October 2007. The Jury is still out with respect to the length and depth of the "R-word" (recession). Housing prices will continue to drop (until 2010 at least). Concerns about the 2008 Presidential election, should be part of everyone's thinking agenda:

Hillary is now "history". Why? While the Kentucky and Oregon primaries are but a week away, the West Virginia primary has passed into the rear view mirror. There was no surprise. The state's demographics favored Clinton: West Virginia voters are older, less educated and overwhelmingly white -- groups which have flocked to her in past votes. But the results will do little to change the course of the race for the Democratic nomination for President. The delegate math favors Obama: increasingly, the superdelegates are moving into the Obama camp. He gained 30 in just the past week, negating any concrete advantage Clinton might have had from the 16 or more pledged delegates that she won in West Virginia. So, while the thrashing in West Virginia may be embarrassing for Obama, he still leads vs Clinton (by any tangible measurement) in: pledged delegates, superdelegates and the popular vote -- and there just aren't enough contests left for her to catch up.

So, there are but 2 choices:

1) B. Obama.

Socialist. Massive new social program spending and much higher taxes. Probably would get us out of Iraq very slowly. No economic understanding at all. Never worked in a private enterprise company. Lifelong Government employee.

2) J. McCain.

Basically G.W. Bush with a different last name. The gent has said that he knows very little about economics -- indeed, he has no economic understanding at all. He would probably would keep us in Iraq -- indefinitely. McCain, a former P.O.W. -- who better than he to condemn the use of torture (yet he wouldn't). He has NEVER worked in a private enterprise company, in-as-much-as he has also been a lifelong Government employee.

Both face a tidal-wave of Social Security and Medicare spending as 78 Million "Baby Boomers" reach retirement age. Neither one has a clue on what to do about it.

Both favor amnesty for illegals. That means that the "legals" get to support 20 Million "illegals". Both don't believe in the enforcement of US immigration laws.

Both (strongly favor) an array of "bunny-hugger / tree-hugger" causes and actually believe in Al Gore, the scientist. Congress will remain under Democratic control. Corn Ethanol subsidies and tariffs on Brazilian ethanol imports, stay put. There are 26 farm states, and they put Bush in the White House, twice. Food inflation will worsen. There will be no new drilling for oil and gas in US territory. Higher energy cost trends will persist. There will be major spending on alternative energy programs and things that support "Al Gore" belief science. Gasoline will reach $10 per gallon (for sure). Hydrogen hybrids might reach us (eventually). CO2 will continue to fill the atmosphere. Trees in the tropics will be felled. Populations will grow. Seas will rise.

The Trade Deficit is destined to stagnate over $700 Billon -- the highest, as a percentage of GDP (gross domestic product ) in the world. Both candidates avoid discussion about how to have a positive trade balance or a balanced budget.

The situation is deplorable, and unsustainable.

The Iraq war is another Vietnam. Neither country ever attacked the USA. Thus far, there have been 4,000 dead Americans in Iraq. Vietnam's toll was 58,000. It's a complete waste of American lives and money. Like Vietnam, Iraq never was a threat to the USA. No foreign power has ever occupied Iraq or Afghanistan successfully. This time is no different. Afghanistan is already back to being the top Heroin supplier in the world. Waste. Wanton. Wrong.

Take your pick, Obama and McCain are both destined to author more economic trouble -- perfectly capable of causing another Depression.

As an intellectual and a businessman, I have never been this P-E-S-S-I-M-I-S-T-I-C about the outlook for the US economy as I am today. My Choice? None of the above.

Perhaps a stray dog?
Me Thinks.

Kudos to: Donn & Russ for their contributions, as astute Thinkers.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Extinctions (great & small)

When the tiny wings of the last Xerces Blue butterfly ceased to flutter, our world grew quieter by a whisper, and duller by a hue...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Died and went to Heaven?

I already know my destiny... once upon a time, I died. I was sent to Heaven.

Upon arrival, St Peter took one look at me and said, "Oh no, you've been sent to the wrong place." "There's been a mistake". I barely had time to say, "Huh?" When -- WOOSH -- I was transported straight to Hell (sinning obliges).

Upon arrival, Satan took one look at me and said, "Oh we've been waiting for you.", "That's your room, over yonder..." I glanced in the direction that was indicated... WHOA!

It was a room FILLED with voluptuous naked women beckonning me to come hither -- and cases of Kentucky Bourbon, stacked from the floor to the ceiling!"

I said, " 'Scuse me Mister Satan, but I think that there's been SOME mistake." Satan replied, "No mistake." I retorted, "But my room is is filled with voluptuos naked women, and cases of Kentucky Bourbon stacked from the floor to the ceiling." Satan grinned wryly adding,

"N-o M-i-s-t-a-k-e."

Stunned, I again questionned the set-up...

Satan grinning even wider, piked his tail into the air, and spoke again... "Ah but those whisky bottles have TWO holes, and the women have NONE."

MORAL: It's not what we want out of life, rather it's HOW we live it.
MORAL: Short time to live, long time to stay dead.

Me Thinks

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Light Speed

The "Speed of Light" ...very fast, but rather slow (relatively speaking).

For example, were we to travel to "Proxima centurai" (the NEAREST star to our Sun, at a distance of 4.22 light years) using the best, most advanced technical means at hand...

How long would it take mankind to travel there?

A light year is 5,878,625,373,183.61 (5.8 Trillion) statute miles. So, multiplying by 4.22 that's a total of 24.8 Trillion statute miles.

The spacecraft "Helios", holds the record as the fastest man-made object (a series of two US-German spacecraft, launched in the mid-1970's, to study the Sun). Helios attained the speed of 150,000 MPH (that's 2500 miles per minute).

At a consistent speed of 150,000 MPH (without taking into consideration the time needed to accerate -- and then to slow our spacecraft) reach our closest star, would take 18,879 YEARS!

That's equal to 750 human generations!

Rather disquieting, to say the least. Man is the cause of the ongoing Mass Extinction. Our vulnerable BLUE PLANET (spaceship Earth) must be protected such that it can remain as a safe haven...

And for some time to come...
Me Thinks

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Condemn the People's Republic of China!

to: The Government of the People's Republic of China

As a world-traveler and a man who admires and respects the BEST of China, the Chinese people, and Chinese culture -- I must object to your ongoing policies with regard to the People of Tibet. The Chinese Government does GREAT DISHONOR to the living -- as well as to the eternal ancestors of everyone Chinese -- everywhere. The entire Free World condemns your lies and your violence.

Set the Tibetan people free!

(Set the Chinese people free!)

I notice that (inside of obviated cowardice) you've removed the CONTACT US page from your website in Washington DC -- a coward's "dead-end link" :

" Sorry, the webpage you browsed has been deleted! "

The Free World underwrites the People of China. The People of China will gradually come to know that fact and set themselves truly, free -- someday! You won't be able to stop them! Shame on the Government of the People's Republic of China (not a Republic, not "for" your People).

I trust that HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of other concerned Citizens of the World will likewise CONDEMN your policies.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Got problem?

The future may be promising. The way to get there will be devious.

Me Thinks.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

DAFFYNITION: the Straight-Ticket Republican

The Straight-ticket Republican?

Race: White (mostly)
Gender: Male (mostly)

Status: Rich (mostly)
Religion: Almighty dollar (most of the time)

The "straight-ticket" Republican listens to "mainstream" news media like sheep. Straight-ticket folks buy into politically motivated propoganda (albiet B.S.), akin to the ongoing denials about global warming. They refer to a down economy as growth, by ensuring tax cuts for the wealthy. It's an existence wherein fallacies hold a lot of Truth, and genuine Good gets parked on a wayside.

Demographics, Diversity, and Democracy are for ALL and provide a beacon of light. Combined, they speak Truth to Power and such courage tells ALL daily -- mere echoes of what millions already think, and that I know.

Yes, I prefer Demographics, Diversity, and Democracy.
Me Thinks

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Curative Healing?

Time wounds all heels?

If you are one, you'd be the first we'll ask...
Me Thinks

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Live Right? Dead Wrong?

Intellectual BRILLIANCE is no guarantee against being ...dead wrong.

Me Thinks