Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Decision Makers - Making Decisions

Seems to me that selling is all about...


Oddly enough, most "sellers" aren't paid anything extra for their respective roles as therapists. Indeed, sales people are supposed to be good therapists. "Sellers" play shrink all day, every day (isn't it so)? Just "how" people make decisions is the real topic. That's not fluff.

As a "seller" (if you are one, you'll know this), have you ever observed how a prospect will listen (far more seriously) to strategies that talk about pain (losses), as opposed to gains (advantages)? Hence, it's inherently an error to taunt the benefits of your product or service, in first position.

It is far more likely that a "seller" will get more of a person's attention by discovering what "hurts", first - by creating a studied position. That's a smart initial stance, and one that can't lose by adding to the "hurt".

Consequently, I always try to posture myself (when performing the business of "selling") so that I may ask my prospect (or customer), that one essential question:

"What is really important to you?"

Generally speaking - what is or isn't a good investment position (from the buyer's perspective) has much more to do, with LOSS - than any ADVANTAGE that a "seller" might suggest (or concoct)...

Allow me to leave you with one other thought:

Have you ever noticed - the degree to which "dissent" needs to be (and is) a curious part of effective decision-making? Moreover, people remember what they "felt" last. Yes, emotion has as much to do with it, as logic.

Selling is about how the buyer buys, not about how the seller sells.
Me Thinks