Saturday, October 09, 2010

Redundancy revisited...

Redundancy is always a, no-no.

Experts on EVERYTHING ??? (red flag)...

Surely I'm not the only one to have noticed the growing trend in advertising - EPERTISE in EVERYTHING!  This old world works in "mysterious ways", me thinks...

Let's examine whether or not any of this makes sense.

Yep, if there's an Almighty Dollar to be had, there's someone out-there who will lay-claim to having "the expertise" that YOU need (according to them) ...and they'll have no qualms telling you so.  It "sounds" self-serving from the get-go, doesn't it?  RED flag!

Their fine print always says, "trained professionals will assist" you.  Okay.  Was their training all of: one hour, or two?  Training makes a person an "expert"?  I see.  RED flag!

That nonsense has become particularly prevalent in the Financial & Mortgage Industry - where all the "players" (fresh-out-of some brand-name prestige-school) seem to (miracle) KNOW what's best for YOU and your MONEY!  Really?  What BULLSHIT!  RED flag!

If true, and those "trained advisors" know SO MUCH of such great value can it be that NONE of them are (already) MILLIONAIRES ...and retired at age 25-30?  RED flag!

I find it to be more than disturbing that so many companies are getting away with this sort of thing.  The whole of it utterly SMACKS of commercial FRAUD (and flagrant incompetence).  Naturally, and once you've read the FINE-PRINT (you did read it, didn't you?), the "disclaimers" defy all Common Sense (and all sound intelligence).  RED flag!

Trust me, those so-called "experts" haven't got a frickin' clue...

Have you also noticed that GOVERNMENT is comprised of similar "EXPERT" leadership - of which a HUGE proportion are former ATTORNEYS?  Former?  Doesn't "former" usually equate to: "failed"?  i.e. "has-beens" and FAILURES who couldn't "make it" out in the "real world"!

Isn't "government by lawyers" a lot like allowing the "weasel into the henhouse"? 

Hence, attorneys are the ones who are writing the legislation, and are ultimately the ones called upon to litigate it, and (to some degree) also to enforce it - à la "Attorney General" (of something or other).  Is it (thus) any wonder that BIG BUSINESS seeks out those "legislators", to "have 'em" in their hip-pocket? 

We all know that there are payoffs (by the pork-barrel full) to be had - oft' coming from cash-rich Lobbyists (and from well "under the table").  Those same "legislators" get huge Federal salaries, free Healthcare, and lifelong Pensions.  We can be certain that every single scum-bag in the country wants to jump (leap) onto that "bandwagon"!

Take mental note (also) of just how many of those so-called "representatives" of the people, "For the People, By the People" ... have a girl-friend in a foriegn country; or on the campaign-trail; spare children (no spouse required); or "boys" being back-door'ed in back-offices. 

Our leaders, one and all - Governors, Senators, Representatives, and even the occational Judge (indicted for taking lucrative bribes).  Sick and sickening stuff.  But it's business as usual.  The business of good-looks, schmooze, lewd sex, and easy money... 

Shall we contact the French?  (Perhaps borrow a guillotine and a head-basket?)

Some things never change.

So, I ask ...what would happen were the "financial advisors" (experts all, with their 1-2 hours of training)... to take-over the whole of the BANKING and MORTGAGE industry "for us"? 

Seems to me, that they already have.  RED flag!  Slice-off heads.  Vote "no", across party lines.

Me Thinks!

P.S.  An anecdote: the etymology of the word "mortgage" has its allures.  MORT (from the French word for dead, n. death).  GAGE (from the French word for engagement, n. contract).  i.e. "contract with death" (seems especially "apropos", these days)...

COMMENTS submitted from FACEBOOK and via E-mail:

" It's a shell Game that would make P.T. Barnum proud. There IS a sucker born every minute, and Truth is not a requirement, nor wisdom; just parchment. " -DennisD

" The clear message is this: financial advisors make money every time anyone buys or sells (regardless of whether or not - you as the investor, make a dime or lose your shirt). They simply want the would-be SUCKER to sign on the dotted-line (hence the need for parchment), and then they HAVE you! They don't give a "horse's petunia" about whether or not they (cause) you to become involved with crooks! In point of fact, the bigger the crook, the bigger their commission! " -ZoeT (edited by Qmann)