Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good SEX, Bad SEX

Good SEX, Bad SEX?

Both are just like an economic "recession".

Long and deep.
Sure but shallow.

Doncha Think?
Me Thinks.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The quondam, temporal Love of your Life!

True Love - shared with you by the quondam, yet temporal "Love of your Life"!

Choose it, and you shall have it!

This is your journey too and should you so choose ...True Love will manifest in your life too. It is your relationship with you; my relationship with me; our relationship with us! Most of the romantic relationships in our world are based on dualistic structures and therefore carry certain inherent bilateral elements. Let's describe and explain what that duality really is...

Almost each conversation that we engage-in, ends with the same question.

After we discuss notions like “love”, “relationships” and the dating scene - while heading towards more abstract issues such as our duality and religion - our entourage may smile, then ask us to provide a personal "tip" (so they could find the kind of True Love of which we speak so often - or so that they might alter the current relationship in which they may be involved).

Every journey towards True Love is personal and unique.

Nevertheless, now that the main road is so well paved, there is one guiding directive that applies to everyone: Choose!

No matter who we talk to, and regardless the circumstances of their lives, the topic always begins and ends with the same thing – do you know what you want? Have you chosen True Love?

Allegedly, it could be considered ridiculous to even pose the question. After all, who doesn't want True Love? Who would refuse to have a deep reunion with life and nature and another human being (one that would make one happy and fulfilled)?

Indeed, at first glance we all want True Love.

The question is – do we choose it and do we know how to choose in the first place?! Therefore, my first and foremost tip for everyone – anyone who seeks True Love – is to Choose it!

Choosing is a state of being that doesn't take much effort or time. It is done continuously by all of us and its outcomes are projected in the outer reality. We live our choices every single moment of our lives. We each create our own reality and understanding. That axiom gives us two gifts – freedom, but also responsibility. Now I add that the first tool for reality-creation, is Choice. We have to choose and once we've made a choice, the Universe will hear and fulfill that choice. To use a clever parable, overheard recently:

"The universe conspires to fulfill your desires!" So, how to choose? Basically, humans can be categorized to two main types:

1) Those who make choices all the time and therefore create their reality.


2) Those who drift along the river of life and passively let (or expect) others to determine what shape will their reality take.

The move from one pattern of living to the other can be done instantly and requires only one decisive choice to do so. A difficulty may arise when one tries to remember how to make such choices. Whereas, it may seem easy or obvious (“How to choose? Well, I simply need to think of the situation that I want for my life, no”?) - a genuine choosing process, one that matches True Love living, requires special attention to simple levels.

Proper choosing has to take effect on three levels:

1) the mental
2) the emotional
3) the physical

Indeed, there are more levels to existence of course, but those three are the ones that we use to create our reality. At first, one needs to decide what one’s choices are. Do you want a True Love kind of relationship? Begin by stating that (to your self in your thoughts and mind) then carry-on to declare it to others when this subject comes up, for example:

“No, thank you.", "You are a nice person but I am looking for True Love, not just a fleeting intimate encounter.", "I am not interested going out with you on any other basis.”

Again, the temptations that life places before us can sometimes be amazing, but those are merely universal ways to check-out just how serious we are, about the decision we made. Those tests will go away - soon after we stress to ourselves that we must remain firm and committed to our original choice. We chose.

Remember: the Universe conspires to your (my, our) desires - so, once you made a choice you've also asked the Universe to test you (in order to see how serious you are).

Hold-on tight to that mental choice - the one you made in your thoughts, about True Love. Next – act in your life according to that choice. That's done by refraining from doing any act that would stand in contradiction to your highest notion of True Love. It begins with the way you treat yourself; continues with how you treat other human beings; and graduates within the actions you engage in in your daily lives. If you want True Love then watch carefully what you think, say, do - and choose!

We all have an inner compass to tell us what complies with True Love and what stands against it.

Hurting others takes you away from True Love. Endless searching for a mate at public places, or on the Internet takes you away from True Love. Dating people simply because you were bored or hurt or just for stimulation - takes you away from True Love potential.

It is you (me, us) who decide each moment by each action leading to, whatever is your (my, our) choice.

Your mental declarations and your daily behaviors should be accompanied by the third layer which is your emotional status. I am not speaking about the humane ups and downs or the myriad range of feelings that humans have. What I am referring to is the harnessing of your emotions to reinforce the choices you make. Let me clarify this with an example:

Let’s say you made-up your mind to have True Love.

You choose it and whoever asks you about your love life -- hears (and you make it clear) that you chose: True Love. Then you walk your talk - that is, you behave in ways that match your initial decisions about, True Love! But still, something is missing.

Deep within, you are still not sure that you will make it. You still doubt that you can have what you want. Doubt leads to confusion, frustration, worry, and sometimes - depression. Those are feelings that do not match your choice. Actually, they contradict the other efforts you invested in the other two levels:

- the mind
- the behavior

Remember - your choice must be valid on all three levels. Therefore, you must harness all your efforts to change those feelings. Change the doubt to certainty. Feel how worthy you are! Feel how the mighty Universe is coming to your aid - to bring you True Love, simply because you deserve it! No need to contemplate your worthiness or to make a check list of all your advantages and disadvantages in order to balance it.

Simply – feel that all is ok, and that your choice will manifest itself. Is this just pretending?

Absolutely! At first, your mind will tell you that you lie to yourself. That your choices worth nothing. That you don’t do it correctly. Your mind will battle your efforts to Trust, because your mind fears what it does not yet see, hear, and grasp within the five senses.

Keep choosing. Do not give up. Choose on all levels until you witness how your choices manifest themselves (right before your senses) - and they will. There is only one valuable "tip" for creating True Love (and along with this gift) are other Greater gifts that life will bring to you...

So, choose!