Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ravioli, Ravioli, Ravioli...

Some years ago, when I was living in Europe, I came to like making and eating "Ravioli" -- from out of a can, or made from scratch! It was pasta made "wonderful'a"! I like Ravioli! My kids like Ravioli! We were crazy about Ravioli! We liked making Ravioli ..."ra-ra-ra-Ravioli"! We're probably making Ravioli right now! We're making meat Ravioli, cheese Ravioli (and no Italian "Mama mia" is gonna show us how to make Ravioli)! Making Ravioli is a colorful addition to one's life, loves, and living. We even reminisce about eating Ravioli. My first Ravioli experience was exquisite! I suppose when thinking about it, making Ravioli is a learning experience similar to any. Just like reading a manual. There are steps which you need to follow but no advice you need to take. I knew about a few things. The dough needs to be nice and elastic, it needs to be very thin, and what else? Of course the pasta will be cooked al dente. And oh yes, and I learned this the hard way... "La Femme Nikita", played by Anne Parillaud (French film, directed by: Luc Besson, 1990) loved Ravioli! When do we get to go out to eat... Ravioli ?

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Art (of Love) Touch

Touch transposes a warm feeling into our hearts...
(to be lost in the other's charms)
Touch sings a melody chanted like a mantra within one's thoughts.
(deep comfort, wrapped within the cocoon of four arms)
Touch can cause the heart to skip a beat...
(although the heart beats pure & fast)
Touch is what true love does "for" you (not "to").
(fingertips caress, as passions rise & last)
Touch is what I want to feel when I'm with you.
(to have you near, held tight, wanted most)
Touch me, and I fall inside of your warm embrace.
(the body aches to join with the other close)
Touch is a taste of tender lips.
(embraced to feel that sweetest nectar, refined)
Touch is what I feel whenever I'm thinking of you.
(while thoughts as soft as multicolors, drift gently into my mind)
Touch, is that explosive oneness, while waiting.
(forever messages conveyed through, best "wanting"...)

And I can wait.