Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Legaliz Couplez

In a land where half of all first-marriages end in divorce... (often sending thereby, at very least two lives into the legal throws and challenges of personal chaos); In a land where almost 70% of our beloved children do not live with BOTH of their biological parents; In a land of political correctness; In a land of poignant, often idiotic double-standards (or no standards at all); In the land of legalized shenanigans, authored by men and women from all walks of life, and of all colors and creeds; In the land of double-speak (where everything is no longer "labelled" or "called" -- what it really is)...

Where we have adults whose lives are married, bonded by civil unions, or who have formed defacto (albeit non-legitimized) gay couples...

Where we have the never married, single, legally separated, or the divorced single, widows and widowers...

Where we have those who are "dating", "cheating", "two-timing", "sneaking", or "hiding", and "lying", (or doing nothing at all). Sexual, a-sexual, "bi", gay, queer, and straight. The old and young...

Societally ...what should we aptly (and "correctly") call: a sexual, middle-ground, male-female couple who spend their free time together; and who are clearly much more than just "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"; where (lest the naive have any illusions), the two are also lovers; not 'always' living together (not truly within a co-habitation); consider their "spin up" to be permanent; yet have remained (thus far) unmarried; and live geographically separate much of the time?

I am open to suggestions. Please spare me all traditional religious yap (you'd be wasting your time and mine). Here are some of my thoughts:

"All, but not Nothings"?

"Intimate Best Friends"?

Woe is me (and how silly can I get)? Your suggestions please.