Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Legaliz Couplez

In a land where half of all first-marriages end in divorce... (often sending thereby, at very least two lives into the legal throws and challenges of personal chaos); In a land where almost 70% of our beloved children do not live with BOTH of their biological parents; In a land of political correctness; In a land of poignant, often idiotic double-standards (or no standards at all); In the land of legalized shenanigans, authored by men and women from all walks of life, and of all colors and creeds; In the land of double-speak (where everything is no longer "labelled" or "called" -- what it really is)...

Where we have adults whose lives are married, bonded by civil unions, or who have formed defacto (albeit non-legitimized) gay couples...

Where we have the never married, single, legally separated, or the divorced single, widows and widowers...

Where we have those who are "dating", "cheating", "two-timing", "sneaking", or "hiding", and "lying", (or doing nothing at all). Sexual, a-sexual, "bi", gay, queer, and straight. The old and young...

Societally ...what should we aptly (and "correctly") call: a sexual, middle-ground, male-female couple who spend their free time together; and who are clearly much more than just "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"; where (lest the naive have any illusions), the two are also lovers; not 'always' living together (not truly within a co-habitation); consider their "spin up" to be permanent; yet have remained (thus far) unmarried; and live geographically separate much of the time?

I am open to suggestions. Please spare me all traditional religious yap (you'd be wasting your time and mine). Here are some of my thoughts:

"All, but not Nothings"?

"Intimate Best Friends"?

Woe is me (and how silly can I get)? Your suggestions please.


ja ja said...

A couple of decades ago the term "significant other" was coined. Yuck.

A few weeks ago I introduced the man in my life this way, "This is my beau, xxxx." His name (not xxxx by the way) was misinterpreted as "Beau" as in "Nice to meet you, Beau." So much for this old fashioned girl.

Recently I referred to him as my "partner" as in "my partner and I are interested in this type of art" When he joined my side, the person I was talking to later told me she thought that by using the word "partner" I was referring to my gay lover. Jeez.

I don't know how to explain him or our status. And as I continue to ponder this, I believe I will join my "hunka hunka of burning love" in the bedroom!

By George, I think I got it!

La Cremiere said...

It's interesting... Just this morning, I was looking at my wedding ring and wondering 'why did I want to get married? Why did I make such a big deal out of legalising our union?'

When my husband lost his wedding ring, I realised that mariage does not matter, a ring and piece of paper does not make us one.

It should be a choice. Everyday I choose to love him and stand by his side, and keep working at being happy.