Thursday, December 07, 2006

The US of E?

The United States of Entertainment?
Pearl Harbor Day, 2006

We ought to be ashamed. So, let's admit to it. We are most definitely, the "United States of Entertainment". American culture has a huge influence on the world, especially the Western world. The development of the arts and entertainment in the United States (music, movies, dance, architecture, literature, poetry and the visual arts) has been marked by a tension between two historical sources of inspiration: European sophistication and Domestic originality.

Frequently, the best American artists manage to harness both sources. But some don't.

Me Thinks that red flags should be raised, and alarm bells should be sounding -- whenever Britney Spears manages to trump the War in Iraq on TV News. The news networks seem to air more minutes about her latest scandal, than America's biggest money-sink -- the ongoing Iraqi death-trap. It's killing our boys (and the girls next door). Everyone has seen Britney's crotch -- so now what?

What we want to see is ENTERTAINMENT -- not media coverage accorded to a war in Viet Nam, the Gulf, or in Iraq. What Americans want to see, is Britney.

Should we watch the TV war in IRAQ: tribal violence, sectarian murder, political collapse, more of the "US of E's" involement -- apparently, over their ocean of oil, but under the guises of our latest Red, White, & Blue liberation? Or...

Do we prefer to watch the TV woes of BRITNEY: marriage, pregnancy, baby, divorce, sexy moves, scant clothing, missing underwear, and crotch-shots?

Frankly, Britney's got what all women have got -- been there, seen that. Americans would do themselves a favor to pay more attention to the important issues! Would those who have been "entertained" care to join me on the front lines -- someplace real and inhospitalble?

Perhaps that choice will be made FOR you -- once our latest war arrives at your doorstep?

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