Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Decision 2008

InDecision 2008!

The Democratic Convention is history, and the Dem's "made" History. Next, it seems that the Republican Convention is destined to be one "for the ages" (or rather, "the aged"). While St. Paul may well have more Oxygen than the "mile high city", I'm fairly certain that it will be harder for everyone present (not soley the elderly) to breath...

'Lest we forget that when Obama visited Europe, his presence was met by public acclamation and he was welcomed with open arms (at a massive out-door gathering of more than 250,000 Europeans - many of whom were seen vigorously waiving miniature American flags).

I would love to garb McCain in "Lederhosen", transport him to Germany (at exactly the same place and time) - just to see who would have been no-shows; how many spectators would have come to see him in toto; and whether or not the waiving flags would also have been burning!

We've seen Old Glory "torched" all too often during the "reign" of Bush & Cheney. The Republican "liberation" of Iraq was gradually transformed into a "war" against an "enemy" who remains almost as mysterious and elusive to mainstream Americans as Bin Laden has been to capture. The US Military is now camped on Iraq's ocean of oil. Merely a coincidence?

The Republicans explained, that our presence was designed to remove Saddam and eliminate his "WMD's" (weapons of mass destruction that don't exist). Saddam's voice in the matter was soon to be eliminated. Do the survivors of the ongoing Iraqi nightmare even have one?

Americans and the people of the entire World were egregiously lied to - lies concocted by those same Republicans who aspire to more of the same, while calling it "change". Another lie?

America was once perceived as the corner-stone of freedom, truth, and dignity - a country deserving the respect of the World.

All of that has been thoroughly undermined by the Republican's, militaristic reign of terror -- having failed to protect anything (not even their "average" middle-class wealth, above an alleged $5 Million). So truly, should we be surprised to see the GOP groping to hold-on to the highest office of the land (having lost the House and the Senate)?

Do we, their "fellow-Americans" look THAT stupid?

We've been hearing a lot of the Democrats speak of "Hope and Change". Now we'll get to see the Republicans taunt their rendition of, "More of the Same" as change - they hope.

"Allah" spare us! (Yes, that was the Aramaic word that Jesus Christ used to say, God.)

It's also going to be amusing to hear more about Ms. Palin's "experience" and of her dutiful "international" exposure. (Uhm, what "experience"?) As the Governor of the Great State of Alaska, her dominion borders with Canada, Siberia and the Arctic Circle. Does that mean that she's inherently well-acquainted with the Russians, speaks Canadian French, and is pals with Santa Claus?

The Hillary pundits wanted a woman as President. The McCain pollsters seem to have pushed for the addition of Ms Palin, as a the Grand Old Party's "love pit" (and the move was as insulting to popular intelligence, as that term is crude and inappropriate). The GOP now has their own "fun pouch" added to their candidature -- to attract media attention and (they hope, votes). At least Ms Palin isn't an "old bag" (McCain vintage) for reporters to "poke" fun into.

Do the Republicans really think that other "vaginal" Americans are prepared to "prostitute" their wisdom and good judgment over to the McCain camp -- simply because of the gender of his running "mate"?

Espousing a quasi (3rd) wife won't ensure the GOP's cohabitation of the Oval Office.

The transparent move smacks of Elephant pucky. And there's always a lot of it.

Me Thinks.