Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Infinitely LARGE.

A googolplex is a VERY large number... but (tiny) when compared to INFINITY.

It has been estimated that ALL of the "fundamenal particles" that are the makeup of the "known" Universe equate to about 2.5 to the power 10 ...followed by 89 zeros! Much SMALLER than a googolplex.

Me Thinks it, an interesting fact never-the-less, that (Mathematically) a "googolplex" is PRECISELY as far (or conversely, as close) from (to) INFINITY, as is the number 1.

1 Googolplex + or - Infinity = Infinity
1 One (1) + or - Infinity = Infinity

Think about it ...THAT concept is assuredly the KEY to understanding something very, very, very IMPORTANT.

Me Thinks

P.S. A "Googolplex" is not to be confused with, "GOOGLEplex", which is a neurotic disorder which evolves subsequent to the overuse of GOOGLE (whenever one doesn't know the details related to things as important as the topic of this BLOG entry). Are you now, Giggle plexed...?

Infinitely SMALL.

While mankind has acquired a grand understanding of the Universe, there are still mysteries regarding its expansion ...and related to huge mass, and enormous energy. At the same time, there are underlying shortfalls with respect to the tiniest things in our world, such as: quarks and photons...

Mathematically, the INFINITELY SMALL occupies no space. It has no mass nor motion and thus, no inertia. No energy. No emission and no absorption. It exists everywhere, without time, and perhaps ...without even, creation?

We humans see ourselves as much closer to the smaller end of things, rather than the larger. At the smallest end, the spectrum becomes finite, and our grasp of the concept makes SMALL seem somewhat closer - while the notion of INFINITY and small, takes an extra stretch of the imagination. Is it possible that matter can continually be broken-down into smaller and smaller bits? Might it be possible that finite particles could in fact ...exist INFINITELY within themselves... and be capable of being subdivided, forever?

The idea of a "Babushka" doll-styled, "embedded universe" creates the basis of fairy-tales. I suppose that most people have philosophized about the idea (at one time or another)... However, as we know (what we, at least today consider) fundamental particles behave completely "different" (i.e. "quantum-mechanically" speaking) when compared to "macroscopic" objects such as: galaxies. Hence, the model is not realistic.

Me Thinks

I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars." -Walt Whitman