Thursday, October 16, 2008

Presidential Debate - Obama

Articulate... brilliant, intelligent, holder of a Harvard, Juris Doctor degree (having graduated at the top of his class). A State Senator, a US Senator. A man from the people, for the People. One who has lived inside of, and outside of HIS country. A man of Peace, who will bring Peace. One who speaks of solutions that will improve the quality of life for the majority of Americans (the great Middle Class). He will bring healthcare, secured borders, law enforement, tax cuts, true relief, and real-world Help for the People who need it the most (the AMERICAN people). He uses straight talk, and remains focused on the matters that matter to MOST Americans. Smart, intuitive, insightful, savvy -- a young man, with the plan.

America needs CHANGE (intelligent change). Obama has the House, the Senate, and (soon) the White House. Mr. President will be a doer of getting things done! Our first BLACK President...

Martin Luther King must be smiling: Free at last! Free at last -- from the Republican strangle-hold on the Economy, abusive use of a proud world-class Military force. Free at last from a shameful posture within world Politics, yet "there" for the average Joe. Let's HOPE that he will succeed at "spreading the wealth" (of America) into the pockets of ALL Americans, and wherever help is needed.

Me Thinks

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