Thursday, January 24, 2008

DAFFYNITION: the Straight-Ticket Republican

The Straight-ticket Republican?

Race: White (mostly)
Gender: Male (mostly)

Status: Rich (mostly)
Religion: Almighty dollar (most of the time)

The "straight-ticket" Republican listens to "mainstream" news media like sheep. Straight-ticket folks buy into politically motivated propoganda (albiet B.S.), akin to the ongoing denials about global warming. They refer to a down economy as growth, by ensuring tax cuts for the wealthy. It's an existence wherein fallacies hold a lot of Truth, and genuine Good gets parked on a wayside.

Demographics, Diversity, and Democracy are for ALL and provide a beacon of light. Combined, they speak Truth to Power and such courage tells ALL daily -- mere echoes of what millions already think, and that I know.

Yes, I prefer Demographics, Diversity, and Democracy.
Me Thinks

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