Friday, September 26, 2008

Ballsie Big Bail (What a Difference a Week Makes!)

A week ago, GW went on TV and referred to "the problem" as, "adjustments to our financial markets". Yesterday, GW was seen on Worldwide TV, using the phrase (referencing to the same "problem") as, "Americans could slip into a financial Panic". (His first use of the "P" word.)

A week ago, Fed Chairman Bernake was interviewed, and quoted as saying, "we are facing dire straights". Yesterday, Fed Chairman Bernake used the phrase, "a grave threat to the world's financial stability".

Someone ought to tell GW that an adjustment isn't a visit to a chiropractic clinic.

Similarly, it's not something to do (in public) with his "bolas" -- when dressed in a sweat suit, and whenever the family jewels have fallen out of his "Fruit of the Loom" under-garment.

I just loved a remark made this morning by a CNN correspondent (speaking of the Big-Bail-Boondoggle)... "There is definitely 'division' -- particularly with the Republicans and especially with the Democrats." Wait a minute, didn't GW come up with that tagline earlier this year? Yes, he did!

Here are a few of the economic "labels" (extracted from my 'TV' note taking) about the creative verbiage being used by the medias, and politicians (to describe the impending Recession). Yes the "R" word is out, as in, economic PANIC. Yes, the "P" word, has now raised its Pertinent, Poignant, Pointed head).

Economic-label words (for our Recessionary Panic economy, as of today).

You may PICK ONE that suits your fancy:

- adjustments to the financial market
- reaching for disaster
- dire circumstances
- downward spiral
- disaster stage
- off the cliff
- dire straights (Bernake)
- difficult period (H. Paulson)
- a financial Pearl Harbor (elder US Senator, name not cited)
- the shock market (I like this one)

In vogue this week...

- financial crisis (Biden)
- this crisis (Obama)
- crisis mode (Palin)

- crisis of our own (McCain)
- Grave threats to world financial stability (Bernake)
- A step into a financial Panic (GW Bush)

Ah yes, it's all about semantics these days, but just look at the power of words wielded by those very powerful men (and woman)!

Consequentially, I for one can't sleep at night, and feel like I'm about to hurl (anxiety attacks oblige). My preference? The word that says the Truth -- the whole truth and nothing but the Truth?


That's almost a replacement acronym for Post-Traumatic-Disorder. How much has YOUR 401K lost? And what is the value of YOUR home (if you still own one)? Fortunately, I know how to build an Igloo, sleep on pine boughs, trap rabbits, hunt and fish with a bow, and make fire from rubbing sticks together -- just in case.

The news gets worse by the hour. 'Tis also time to install a wood-burning stove, and to split more logs.

Me Thinks.

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Anonymous said...

I'm too tired to log in, but I am Jill..... Looking on the bright side, I think comedians of the future will thank the current administration for the wealth of material...