Thursday, November 09, 2006

When LOVE becomes TOXIC !

Virtuous sexual behavior is the most important quality in the woman whom I could admire -- whose love and body I would desire. For a woman's betrayal of her man is just as serious as a man's betrayal of his woman. But perhaps worse? Because she has her virtue to lose, and a woman such as she (whose company I did aspire to share), must have many virtues!

A woman's betrayal causes a mounting of his rage. And his pain (that terrible hurt within) is voiced as his anger. It impels a truly GOOD man to endure her violence of the heart -- with his mind, and this occurs without any violence of the hand and fist.

Thus, his complaint is contained, expressed as anger. The sage will see that his courage (over such containment) is actually a proof by demonstration, of his wounded love...

For her!

Her opposition to his sincere gifts of love and her disdain of his simple needs is perhaps merely a semantic distinction (but ones that must be explored). By juxtaposing (contextually) her sexual obsessions and her withdrawal from the relationship (through her lies, and under the many guises of the feminine way) -- at least he can retain his dignity, identify, his innocence while amplifying her guilt by doing nothing -- as he continues to love...


But when a betrayal occurs -- LOVE dies and becomes TOXIC!

Me Feels.


La Cremiere said...

I don't understand why it is worse for a woman to betray her man than a man to betray his woman. I reckon both are equally horribly painful to endure.

Man become enraged because of their oversized egos, but woman are hurt just as bad. They don't cry giving birth, but they cry losing grips with the love of their life.

MeThinksThinker said...

Ms. Milk Maid, True and not true -- some men don't cry-out when a bullet has just ripped a lung out of their chests (been there, seen that). The topic contains no gender orientation, per se. I do not believe that "men" can be stereo-typed about "ego" any more than women. I can think of a former Miss Mid-America / former Miss Illinois, actress & covergirl (for whom the piece was written) whose HUGE EGO would quite easily squash those of most of the men I've know in this life. She was my fiancée of four years -- until I'd had quite enough. Gifts of love meant sore little to her -- money was her game (that of others). Love died, she became toxic. I moved on. Know that I do appreciate your many comments here. Thanks much! The MeThinks Thinker!