Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tonic of Wilderness

To live in the ways which I aspire, you must feel the need for the Tonic Of Wilderness -- desiring to sojourn in places of great Peace and Peace of mind -- where Mother Nature takes you into the comfort of her folded arms, so that you may feel wanted, needed, a part of it all -- and loved, forever young.

Does anyone ever get enough love... ?

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ja ja said...

I love this! Tonic of Wilderness. In less then 2 weeks I leave for Sedona, AZ. And, yes, I am staying at a 5-star resort (timeshare). And, yes, it is also a spa, of which I can wait to take advantage of! It is also surrounded by beautiful red mountains, hiking trails, Nature's beauty in Her truest form. The vortex - energy points found in a few places on Earth - are here offering spiritual quests in this area. The Grand Canyon is a couple of hours away and I will spend time there as well. I seek the peace this place has to offer. I seek spiritual enlightenment. Hell, I seek a facial, pedicure and massage, as well! Pampering of the body, the mind, the soul. I will be wrapped in the Mother's arms. And, I can't wait!