Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pinning a tail on the Donkey vs Elephantitis

Whatever the results tonight, it won't have been the Republican campaign that did it...

The Republicans will have won or lost this election a long time ago. If they hold onto the Senate, it will be because the redistricting levees built by Republicans ("over" the past six years) were strong enough to withstand the backlash ...that their failed policies have built ("under" the past six years). If they get ousted, it will be for running the country into the ground. We'll find out soon enough -- whether the Anti-Bush hurricane is a Category 3, 4, or 5 storm -- and whether it lost any force passing by last week's temporary low: Massachusetts Senator, John F. Kerry's "Kerry Carnage". He was out in California, tells a joke -- it backfires. Now, he's walking around saying that he botched the joke, adding that he was trying to tell a joke about Bush. I'm telling you, that guy could lose elections he's not even in. Then, President Bush warned Democrats not to celebrate victory too early. Yeah. Right. Lest we forget, that talk is coming from the guy that put up the 'Mission Accomplished' sign three years ago.If Republicans survive the storm, it won't be because they saw it coming. If they lose, it will be because they had it coming.

Team Bush and their Congressional enablers have enmired the nation in unceasing war, debt, and scandal. It's tipping-point time: hopefully, the Dems will rock the House and roll the Senate. But I'm willing to eat this: the House for now, the Senate later.

It's gonna be a "doggie eat dog day, all wrapped-up in a doggie-bag -- a free lunch".

Me Thinks.

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