Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Let's "be real". Mass Medias target their marketplace based upon the statistics of MONEY-MAKING. So let's see... The average I.Q. (world-wide) is 100, i.e., that of people everywhere. In the United States the average I.Q. is 98. Switzerland fairs somewhat better, with an average of 104. Whereas, Brazil has an average I.Q. score of 92. Anything under 80 is considered as, "mentally challenged." The majority of any given population, fall into the, 90-to-110 range. But HALF of EVERYONE will score under the "median" of 100. Meanwhile, anything over 110 is considered above average... A result above 130, is considered "gifted". Anyone whose tested result is consistently higher than 145, is considered to be a "genius". Scores which approach 200 are evaluated as being (almost) immeasurable, because there are so few others, to whom their true intellect can be compared. Thus, being that the MEDIA MOGULS are no fools [pun], they know that successful TV programming (including the advertising for: television, radio, and all multimedia) has to be very "dumb-ed-down". And so it is

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