Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Freedom Isn't "Free"? But it should be!

Should the entire USA (and the World) rethink the knee-jerk, thunk? Let's be real! The ultra-rich (the ones who OWN the weapons plants and the munitions factories), have no qualms about continuing their GIGANTIC CON - of millions of American families - into believing that it is "patriotic", to send one's son or daughter off to die in a foreign land - because "Freedom Isn't Free"? The parents get to have (thereby), bragging rights akin to, "My Son is a Marine!", or "Go Army!", or "USAF - Aim High", and "My Daughter serves in the Navy" (usually in the form of a bumper-sticker). Yup, "Semper Fi" is indeed "eternal loyalty" - ONCE CONNED - but from inside of an aluminium box - and at a graveyard near to your ("Mom 'n Dad"). Once laid-out "proper" within said container, who's likely to complain? Besides, the grieving parents were given a very nice (brand-new), tricolor-flag, folded-down into a "Boy-Girl Scout" triangle - such that it will "look" quite "nice" inside of a framed-glass case, stood onto the fireplace mantel (as a souvenir)?

The ultra rich got RICHER (and don't care whose life is thrown away)... Freedom? Who does the paying? Wake-up Americans! Don't be duped! The only thing anyone gets for "Free" is the pro-military establishment's line of "Propaganda for Dummies" ... and THAT's the TRUTH! My generation of Vietnam vets learned the hard-way, and then dared to say, "No." to the CONNING of America! Don't get suckered into offering-up YOUR child - as a sacrificial lamb - to the financial machinery of WAR!

Anecdote: just try to get Dick Cheney to acknowledge that he and father-son Bush made HUGE SUM$ of CA$H from their Washington War-mongering while in D.C. "Mission Accomplished", indeed... all the way to the Bank!

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