Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Part-II "I want a Ring & Nearby Living"

See also, Part-I [below]

It seems there's a bevy of women who hanker-after a wedding ring as a top priority. Why? Because they simply want the wedding? Perhaps they're just obsessed with the venue -- the dress, the flowers, the food, and the glamour of it all?

Well maybe. But maybe it's ALL about money?

Have they forgotten about the true values of marriage? What happened to love, commitment and "till death do us part"? Sadly they are sometimes so caught up in the notion of personal security and safety and affluence -- that they also get caught planning the fairytale wedding long before they've even met "the one" -- "Prince Charming" on a white horse (in a convenient parking lot).

Holy Tiara!

Ride him Cowgirl!

These days, and everywhere you look -- couples are tying the knot, and the hotties are cashing in their 'tits'. Oops. 'Scuse me ... their 'c-h-i-p-s'.

Women are sporting bling-bling rings, snazzy see-through dresses (I recall reading that Nicole Kidman's was worth a reported $100K. SWEET! ). All want to revel around and around, waltzing into dreamland by dancing like a "Princess for a Day".

So why the wedding obsession?

Perhaps it's all thanks to a mix of little-girl desires, savvy marketing and the lure of a Tiffany-esque ring, but either way, it seems the desperate desire for a wedding (felt by so many modern women) is spiraling out of control.

In the film "Muriel's Wedding", Muriel, a 22-year-old girl obsessed by marriage, lies, steals and then marries a man she doesn't love -- just to experience the transformative thrill of marching down the aisle. And it seems that despite women being more assertive in the Boardrooms of the World (and also in the bedroom), this sort of behavior is still running rife. (OK, where's my rifle? -ed)

While I agree that there's certainly nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy (what little girl doesn't dream of being a bride at age 8?). But what's at the root of such motivation?

Is it: To love, honor and obey, in sickness and in health, till death do them part?

Or is it: To have the best darn wedding possible?

Or is it; Simply the lure of flowers, showers, dresses and of course -- a HUGE diamond ring?

"Oh, definitely the ring," scoffed one of my male friends (who admitted that he was "forced" to buy a HUGE ring for his ex-fiancée). She gave him the dreaded ultimatum:

"Marry me, or else we are at a 'dead end', and I will (unstated: sleep with someone else)!"

"She kept demanding a big ring," he said. He added, "But once I proposed and she'd gotten 'what' she wanted, it was like she no longer cared for our relationship. She certainly wasn't interested in me anymore. It was like all she wanted was a big fancy wedding, a big fancy dress and a big fancy ring to show off to all her non-married friends. The actual meaning of marriage was lost on her. When it came down to our relationship, it felt like it meant nothing to her." In his case, he called it quits "before it was too late". (He didn't get the ring back. -ed).

In our culture obsessed with weddings, it comes as no surprise that reality TV shows hit our airwaves like swarms of bees. Titles like: "Suzie's getting Married". The show aims to marry-off an insecure female nick-named, "Sue". Her dress is chosen; the venue is booked; the caterers have their menus; and the drinks are decided on. There's only one tiny little catch: Suzie opted to 'dead end' the man of her dreams.

Yep, there's no groom and no Good man in sight. That's why she's got the whole team at (Focker) Family Channel behind her -- to find her one such groom (same religion of course) -- and they've got just a few more years do it, and must make sure he's who he says he is -- AND -- he has to be rich! Quite the order to fill, Me Thinks.

And while that's just fantasy on Reality Television, the trend is very, very real. Often nicknamed "Bridezillas" (AKA "Monsters"), even Oprah is on that trend-line -- devoting entire shows to women who've become so obsessed with their wedding, that the obsessions evolve towards being more important than any thoughts of actually pleasing their poor down-trodden groom-to-be.

But guys, don't fear -- because not all women are wedding-obsessed. A quick dip into the BLOG-O-Sphere found this comment from a bride-to-be: "I wish we could actually skip the wedding, go to Vegas and just get married -- like I wanted to do in the first place!

"Did I just hear a cheer of, "Amen !!!" over by the slot machines?

By so doing, the Road to Riches can be green (indeed).

To close, and as for fitting advice? Neither a gambler... nor a lover be.

Get an appartment nearby, buy a "Mercedes Benz SL 500", drive by her house daily.

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