Wednesday, October 02, 2013


While Healthcare will never be "FREE" in the strictest sense of the word, it is possible to greatly simplify the way it is provided. We need a system which is able to respond to all citizens! One which can meet everyone's needs - equally. There should be no deductible, no out-of-pocket, and no monthly payment to any business - no boundaries which define (and exclude): persons with pre-existing conditions! The cost should covered as part of taxation (not unlike military spending)... scaled to one's ability to pay (and amortized across the whole of society). I suggest that we KEEP the current "ACA" plan, as a starting point. That plan should evolve (in stages) towards the goal of the total elimination of "for-profit" healthcare businesses! Ask yourselves: "What portion of every DOLLAR paid-in (including: one's deductible, plus all monthly payments) goes straight to greedy SHAREHOLDERS, the fat-cat EXECS, the INFLATED PRICES for med-products, and the INFLATED PRICES for all med-services?" How affordable is a "service or product" which tags-on huge profit-margins - FIRST! The "Affordable Health Care Act" is NOT the problem. Greedy, for-profit healthcare companies (including all pharma companies) are at the root of the upwards-spiraling costs! We need a national, not-for-profit healthcare system! Everything at cost! Costs would remain competitive (and monitored). There would be no shareholders, no fat-cat execs, no pharma rip-offs! Let us work towards having a system inside of which - health and care - are the sole rulers by which success is measured, not MONEY (profits)! How much HEALTH, and how much CARE will there be - when, it is in the vested, "best-interests" of the for-profit provider company - to keep people, SICK - and (not) CARE ?!?! If we can keep America's MILITARY strong, why can't we keep the People healthy (and fed)? Are we no longer. "For the People, by the People"? We are not! And therein lies the rub... take the MONEY out of POLITICS!

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