Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Our First" (kiss)...

"Our First"

Were our floodgates to open - were we to surrender all will to the body ...were we to find ourselves in each other's arms - fueling the fires of passion: (kiss upon kiss ...impetuous, so eager).

Might I love the smooth of thy lips and the way they fall upon mine? Would we embrace and lose all track of time? (Would every touch a taste of love?)

The wanting sends a shiver down my spine (so intense is this) ...a caress so tender, as I repose my hand and heart upon thy body: (a union that makes you quiver and yearn for each next touch).

Might I love thy supple lips and the way they converge upon mine? And would we wish to join as one and lose all track of time? (Would every taste the touch of love?)


'Tis a dream of lilac and lavender, Spring showers and Summer rains... Melodies growing and blooming, to become a field of flowers or a shaft of grain. (Fragrant, vibrant, intertwined.)

Eyes searching souls, Souls searching eyes. Our lips almost met. (At last ...but wait!) Am I wandering? I can't think it (nor wish to try). For I am already kissing you - in my mind's eye. (I desire more though - for our new bond means so much.)

Think not, but follow our hearts - not as mere friends in a quiet room. Our lips almost met again. (We quickly understood that we could never survive a second kiss.)


Once alone, I would want to make love with you - then again, and again! Tempted I would lean, a little - Tempted you would lean, a little. (And we would hear a long silence.)  Is it done?

'Twas moist, warm, sensual, soft, and sweet ...just what we wanted! (We could hear the beating of our hearts - as we listened to a longer silence.)  A blessed occurrence. 

Our first kiss!

Copyright ©Dec 2003-2012 - Robert C. Kuhmann - All Rights Reserved.

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