Thursday, August 12, 2010

R-U a fed-up wage-slave? JetBlue 'em!

Do you have a job?  Is yours a SAFE, SANE, and LAWFUL workplace?  If not, have you become a wage-slave inside of dysfunctional employment?  Are you "fed-up"?

Have you lost your "voice"? Perhaps you've never had a "voice"? Does your employer's "Spiel" sound something like this?

We hear you; we feel for you; you're right; we’re not going to exploit you; we do our best to treat you with respect.’ 

Unlikely. Yeah, I bet not... 

What an employee should NOT do:
a) “Stay silent.”
b) “Do nothing.”

What an employer should NOT do:
a) “Stay silent.”
b) “Do nothing.”

My advice?  Talk!  Talk a lot, but "document" e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  Think, say, and do - nothing that could potentially be used against you. Obtain signed affidavits from every and any witness (to objectionable events).  If a witness lives far away, ask that their documents be "notarized" (by a Notary Public).  Create and maintain a chronological journal.  Align yourself with accredited court professionals.  Consult with an Employment Law attorney, and contact the department of Workforce Development people in your State.  Leave a HUGE "paper-trail" ...("pee" on every post)!

Some employers understand ONLY one of two things:
1) Money.
2) Lawsuits.
3) Losing Money.  (Did I say, one of "two"?)

Rude manners and/or abuse in the workplace can become unbearable.  Don't take it.  If all else fails, hire a talented attorney (a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated legal expert who won the last case). If you find yourself being harangued, harassed, or threatened (even in veiled forms), don't take it - all are ILLEGAL!  Be prepared to sue at moment's notice. If the climate within your workplace becomes UNBEARABLE.  Then, sue!  Sue until cows come home to roost...

After the graces of "fair warning" (when POSITIVE motivational speaking hasn't cut-it), sue for THREE things:
1) Money.
2) More Money. (Did I say, "three"?)

If that action "costs you" your job (know that any form of REPRISAL is ILLEGAL in all 50 States), sue 'em for that as well!  If you've been slandered, sue for that! Stand up for the Truth!  Demand a Safe, Sane, and Lawful workplace!  It's your RIGHT (all three)!  Ask for $Million-dollar money - the "money thingie" WILL definitely be understood - I can promise you that...

As for JetBlue, their core business is in the NooZ Steven Slater! 

In the meantime, boycott JetBlue!
Wadda buncha scumbags. 
Me Thinks

P.S. "Whistleblower" laws apply (should you need to effect legally protected complaints to your employer) about: unsafe work conditions (call OSHA); unstable behavior (contact the local police); and/or unlawful activity (advise the FBI). You may do so without fear of your employer - it's the Law (everywhere)...

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