Friday, August 21, 2009

Hovering under a Halo of Hubris?

Hubris (/hjuːbrɪs/) (ancient Greek ὕβρις): overweening; arrogance; an outrageous act or exhibition of pride, or a disregard for basic morals, ethics, and law.

"The three chief anti-virtues of a Marketeer are: self-promotion, incompetence, and hubris."

"Don't own the personal hubris to assume that the book you're writing is going to get published."

"The antidote to hubris - to superciliousness - is (irony), that capacity to discover and systematize ideas. Or, as Emerson insisted, the development of: Consciousness, consciousness, consciousness."

"Our environmental problems originate in the hubris of imagining ourselves as the central nervous system (the brain) of nature. We're not the brain, we're the cancer."

"It's only hubris, if I fail." -Julius Caesar

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