Friday, May 15, 2009

The Anonymous Point of View...

The horizon of most people, is a circle with a radius of zero.

They call it their point of view.
-Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

Hi -

I look at your blog every once and a while.

I find it interesting, what you write and your responses to those who make comments.

From my perspective, you seem hostile to anyone who disagrees with you. Rather than start an interesting dialog, you just make rude remarks/comments. This insinuates that you are smarter than the rest of us.

Maybe you are. Maybe you are just a jerk. I do not know.

I thought the last comment was actually funny. Obviously, you did not.

Lighten up!


QMANN said...

At least you've become a little less "annonymous", as "Deb". But my readers will assuredly observe that you are the only contributor here, who opts to proffer insults. Any self-respecting Frenchman would respond, "Allez vous faire foutre...", but I'm not French (albeit that my 3 daughters are).

QMANN said...

Either, or? My French wife of 25 years always told people, "Robert is the most intelligent man I've ever met." Mindless flattery from a female Stanford PhD (1978) in Pure Mathematics? Nicole shared her "Quadrangle" office with Sir Andrew Wiles (Englishman who proved Fermat's Last Theorem), and whose common advisor (John Coates) is a "Fields Medal" winner (an equivalence to a 'Nobel Prize' in Mathematics). She was the first woman in history to be admitted into the 'college of the kings', at Trinity, Cambridge England -- but should her equally anonymous opinion -- matter, in this matter?

In the absence of suitable proof, by your standards, such would make me into the "jerk"? I see.

P.S. Should you be curious...
Wiles: working at Princeton.
Coates: Dept head at Cambridge.