Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good riddance to Bad rubbish!

"Blago Son-of-a-bitch" AKA "Blag-oye-oh-gate" AKA "Hot Rod",

Without any due respect from me, I am DELIGHTED to learn that you were impeached and now, convicted. As the latest ex-Illinois Governor, you were the most illegitimate 3-dollar-bill, and staunch liar ...that we've seen in a long time.

While every circus needs its clowns, Joe Sixpack and the rest of the USA has been watching (and dismissing) your insane B.S. (vomiting all the while). You will NEVER hold a Public Office in Illinois again (and my bet is, that your political career is kaput).

[ I wonder just how long it will take to to remove ALL of the remaining ego-maniacal, politicially-empowered, shit-heads (like you) across this GREAT country? ]

For now, as a legacy to you (and the long-arm of your influence), those self-promoting signs bearing your name (posted at every Tollway plaza across northern Illinois) have got to go! Tonight would be good.

Scumbags like you are going to "fall" all across America. Leave now (Serbia would be a wise destination). I've been there, but I'm not at all sure that Serbs (anywhere) will be rolling out a red carpet for you any time soon...

Shame on you Blago.

P.S Eight (8) state governors have been Impeached (across US history), as a point of fact, two were Serbs.

P.P.S. A lot of men would like to have a head-of-hair like yours, but not attached to your head.

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Forest Kuhman said...

I don't think people know a lot of what this annal birth did behind the legislatures back.
Look a him with a little mustache.
Reminds me of Hitler.
He has beady eyes, and he was all for himself and no one else.
What a waste of sperm and egg.
I sure mom and dad would be proud.
Forest Kuhman