Friday, March 23, 2007

Ginormous Knuckleheads

There's nothing "nefarious" about the firing of all those US Attorneys...

Say! What the hell is in the water that is flowing out of our nation's capital? First we're all asked to believe in the non-secretiveness of a little-known cabal know as, "the firing of US Attorneys" (a rite that is politically celebrated between Presidential elections) -- especially whenever there's a lame duck squatting rotten eggs in the oval office.

Next, we have a President whose approval rating is still sliding (on a nose-dive, nose first) into a cess(and desist)-pool. He is dutifully followed by a (Halliburton man), our Vice-President -- who speaks only often enough to explain: sobriety, hunting accidents, and to advise assembled military forces of their BIG "win".

Last time I looked, the Iraq invasion is still on. But today, the Democrats would have us believing that the war is soon to be ended. They voted "yes" to a planned Exodus in 2008, while providing just enough funding (to save face, just in case).

You've got to think that BUSH and CHENEY have themselves lined-up for BIG book-deals once their Party is over. Whose Party is that, you ask? Dem'donkeys or doze Rep'lephants? Sadly, they're both saying all the right things to make the deal happen, and soon enough to cash-in their chips'ahoy, sailor!

Seemingly, politicians expect we "normal folks" to just keep going to work, only to suddenly find our mouths stuffed with schtinky cheese. I think that some of those fellas must be pretty darned proud of the widdle, surrender monkey -- whose tail is hanging down (betwixt their legs).

Ginormous knucklehead, CHENEY once pronounced and was allegedly prepared to "believe" that Iraq would become a "spawning ground for new terror assaults". If true, I would have to declare him a an idiot -- a nefarious moron. Nah, he was lying and was thus, saved from ginormity and nefariousness.

Meanwhile, we have a new Secretary of Defense who is presiding over the war of "death-by-a-thousand-cuts" as imposed upon our overstretched armed forces -- which was no surprise to any of the casual dissenters -- such as, a former Army Chief of Staff (who was dutifully, ignored).

Condoleeza RICE went in, tough. Now she sends BUSH on Hispano-tours to Latin America. I guess, that way -- she gets to stay at home to watch game-shows and "American Idol" while BUSH barters in favor of CITGO oil interests? (But are those two guys on speaking terms?)

Gee whiz, the White House, the US House, and the Senate sure do know how to churn-out super-weenies! Maybe that too has something to do with the water?

In President BUSH's 1st term, some of the most important decisions about U.S. national security — including vital decisions about postwar Iraq were made by a secretive, little-known power clique (aka "cabal", see usage above).

The clique was made up of a very small group of people led by Vice President, Dick CHENEY and Defense Secretary, Donald RUMSFELD. Eight months into BUSH's 1st presidential term in 2001, the September 11 attacks on America occurred. In response, BUSH announced a "war on terror" -- which became a central issue of his presidency. In early October 2001, he ordered the invasion of Afghanistan to overthrow the "Taliban" -- as part of an attempt to defeat "al-Qaeda". In March 2003, BUSH ordered the invasion of Iraq -- asserting that Iraq was in violation of UN Resolution 1441 (regarding weapons of mass destruction). His 2nd term is set to end January 20, 2009. Never say, never too soon?

What the hell is in the water at Washington D.C. ? "Pee" soup, or lame duck soup? Both are equally incontinet (don't hold water). I'm just curious (yellow) here, do you think BUSH's wife has an opinion, or aspirations -- like Hillary's?

O' save us, O'bama! Save us!

Me thinks,

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