Sunday, August 27, 2006

Touch Me (Touched by You)

Were you here... I could measure the soft of thy skin with but one finger. Touch conveys thoughts as smooth as velvet ~ gently drifting... into the mind. Each stroke, reminiscent of becoming lovers ~ and our place in all time. Touched. We make memories... As ever skin will do. As ever touch will do.

My body aches to hold you close, My heart beats pure and fast. I embrace the feel of your sweet taste, To have you here again... at last! As ever I shall do. As ever you will do.

Fingers caress, as our passions rise... The love we make shines brightly, softly through our eyes. Deep within, each becomes lost in the other's charms, And the place my heart desires is the comfort of your arms. As ever we could do. As ever we should do.

Touch me, remind me of who I want to be. Touch me, remind me of who I can be. Touch me, remind me of who I am. The matching of your hand in mine comforts the Spirit, dear (wo)man. As ever Spirits should do. As ever our Love will do.

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