Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Her Piano Concerto"

'Tis a recital of touch -- myriad notes of her piano concerto played with nimble fingers,
Like spilt, warmed water that would not balance nor remain within his upturned palms.

This engaging melodic dance, is one of composed, yet steadied harmonies,
Each drawing her into a magical world -- where she hears the arias of his wanderings.

Nearby, sunlight flashes in rainbows through the uneven glass pane of an open window,
Reminding the listener of Morning Glories -- and the glint and glitter of fairy-dust.

As her piano concerto
Plays on.

A gentle breeze shudders ever verdant leaves into individual rustles and sways,
Like miniature ballerinas clad in green -- doing piroettes on the tip of a shoe.

Restfully down, cool grasses tease and tickle at the back of her neck,
While errant butterflies flit through sultry air -- gracefully just above the depth of her gaze.

As her piano concerto
Plays on.

She walks to where the sand spreads soft beneath her feet,
Like granular waves sifting up to kiss and then stick to her toes.

A bluejay clammors a piercing call,
Snails slide silently over moss.

As her piano concerto
Plays on.

Twinkling stars wink at her,
Like a reunion of old friends.

The man in the moon grins down at her with a broad smile,
One of kindness and understanding.

A burst of light flares up in her eyes,
But it is only the sun comforting an end of her day-dreaming.

And she is safe.

As her piano concerto
Plays on...
Copyright ©2006 ~ Robert C. Kuhmann ~ All Rights Reserved

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