Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Two Littles, Too Much"

Everything has its wonders ...even waiting in silence. And I've learned that whatever state I may be in: to be content. For a happier life cannot be without its shades of gray, and the word "happiness" might lose its meaning, were it not balanced by the waiting (for) the wanting. It is far better to take things with equanimity (as they come along) following periods of patience. When one adds a little, to a little (then do it again) soon, two littles become too much. Genius knows eternal patience - and that all things - come at the appointed hour...

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Let's "be real". Mass Medias target their marketplace based upon the statistics of MONEY-MAKING. So let's see... The average I.Q. (world-wide) is 100, i.e., that of people everywhere. In the United States the average I.Q. is 98. Switzerland fairs somewhat better, with an average of 104. Whereas, Brazil has an average I.Q. score of 92. Anything under 80 is considered as, "mentally challenged." The majority of any given population, fall into the, 90-to-110 range. But HALF of EVERYONE will score under the "median" of 100. Meanwhile, anything over 110 is considered above average... A result above 130, is considered "gifted". Anyone whose tested result is consistently higher than 145, is considered to be a "genius". Scores which approach 200 are evaluated as being (almost) immeasurable, because there are so few others, to whom their true intellect can be compared. Thus, being that the MEDIA MOGULS are no fools [pun], they know that successful TV programming (including the advertising for: television, radio, and all multimedia) has to be very "dumb-ed-down". And so it is

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For 90% of plants - the process of pollination requires pollinators: organisms that carry or move the pollen grains from the anther to the receptive part of the carpel or pistil. That is called, "biotic-pollination". There are roughly 200,000 varieties of animal pollinators are in the wild - most of which are insects - and (by far) most pollination activity, is performed by bees!

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Freedom Isn't "Free"? But it should be!

Should the entire USA (and the World) rethink the knee-jerk, thunk? Let's be real! The ultra-rich (the ones who OWN the weapons plants and the munitions factories), have no qualms about continuing their GIGANTIC CON - of millions of American families - into believing that it is "patriotic", to send one's son or daughter off to die in a foreign land - because "Freedom Isn't Free"? The parents get to have (thereby), bragging rights akin to, "My Son is a Marine!", or "Go Army!", or "USAF - Aim High", and "My Daughter serves in the Navy" (usually in the form of a bumper-sticker). Yup, "Semper Fi" is indeed "eternal loyalty" - ONCE CONNED - but from inside of an aluminium box - and at a graveyard near to your ("Mom 'n Dad"). Once laid-out "proper" within said container, who's likely to complain? Besides, the grieving parents were given a very nice (brand-new), tricolor-flag, folded-down into a "Boy-Girl Scout" triangle - such that it will "look" quite "nice" inside of a framed-glass case, stood onto the fireplace mantel (as a souvenir)?

The ultra rich got RICHER (and don't care whose life is thrown away)... Freedom? Who does the paying? Wake-up Americans! Don't be duped! The only thing anyone gets for "Free" is the pro-military establishment's line of "Propaganda for Dummies" ... and THAT's the TRUTH! My generation of Vietnam vets learned the hard-way, and then dared to say, "No." to the CONNING of America! Don't get suckered into offering-up YOUR child - as a sacrificial lamb - to the financial machinery of WAR!

Anecdote: just try to get Dick Cheney to acknowledge that he and father-son Bush made HUGE SUM$ of CA$H from their Washington War-mongering while in D.C. "Mission Accomplished", indeed... all the way to the Bank!

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Each flake laid down upon another...

Random, fresh, lucent - new-fallen snow! 
Collecting each and every stillness...
Listening ...a next frigid gust for, to blow.

Each crystal tumbles, ever so gently...
Floating - coasting before one's eyes.
Silent peace, thus completed...
Dancing prisms, descending from the skies.

Not one alike, gathered without a whisper...
Powdery, yet connecting the young, to the old.
Drifting ever slowly, quietly downward...
Alighted, mirrored-up to and against one's soul.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2013


While Healthcare will never be "FREE" in the strictest sense of the word, it is possible to greatly simplify the way it is provided. We need a system which is able to respond to all citizens! One which can meet everyone's needs - equally. There should be no deductible, no out-of-pocket, and no monthly payment to any business - no boundaries which define (and exclude): persons with pre-existing conditions! The cost should covered as part of taxation (not unlike military spending)... scaled to one's ability to pay (and amortized across the whole of society). I suggest that we KEEP the current "ACA" plan, as a starting point. That plan should evolve (in stages) towards the goal of the total elimination of "for-profit" healthcare businesses! Ask yourselves: "What portion of every DOLLAR paid-in (including: one's deductible, plus all monthly payments) goes straight to greedy SHAREHOLDERS, the fat-cat EXECS, the INFLATED PRICES for med-products, and the INFLATED PRICES for all med-services?" How affordable is a "service or product" which tags-on huge profit-margins - FIRST! The "Affordable Health Care Act" is NOT the problem. Greedy, for-profit healthcare companies (including all pharma companies) are at the root of the upwards-spiraling costs! We need a national, not-for-profit healthcare system! Everything at cost! Costs would remain competitive (and monitored). There would be no shareholders, no fat-cat execs, no pharma rip-offs! Let us work towards having a system inside of which - health and care - are the sole rulers by which success is measured, not MONEY (profits)! How much HEALTH, and how much CARE will there be - when, it is in the vested, "best-interests" of the for-profit provider company - to keep people, SICK - and (not) CARE ?!?! If we can keep America's MILITARY strong, why can't we keep the People healthy (and fed)? Are we no longer. "For the People, by the People"? We are not! And therein lies the rub... take the MONEY out of POLITICS!

Friday, September 20, 2013

"The (light the night) Dream"

As darkness enters, she seeks every beam of light,
And chases dreams - and stars, of rays sublime.
Which shine thru silken folds - the robe of night,
Draped like a veil, to surround her sacred shrine.

When day dawns, she breathes-in a meadow's sweet,
Tempted, she lingers within her house of grays 'n clay,
But o'r the threshold slumber passes, the Sun to meet.
To throw-open shutters, arisen - letting-in the day.

The darkest mornings - oft weighted by grief or cares,
Await - many a dulled desire, a wish, a foolish whim.
Some bend o’er her shoulders, she reveals those wares,
Upon an unwashed table - or window-sill, just as dim.

She looks back at time, through fixated eyes...
Which ne'r gazed upon as many moonlit flowers.
Amid forgotten deeds or long-silent, sullen cries...
Counting-out a tin-silver tale - of the waning hours.

Above her shrine of life, no curtain fell,
For a good man may enter, the unlocked gate.
Tho' only one may find refuge inside those walls,
A tenuous prison - of lost loves, or new-found hate.

Twilight returns and subdues her lonesome abode,
Again, she barred the door, latched shutters fast,
She scurried down her shadowy, forlorn road,
To sleep - another celestial dream, alone - at last!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

"The reign of deceit..."

All who engage a "flight from truth", embrace a "reign of deceit".

"A burn in Hell?"

Wouldn't this poor ol' world be a - BETTER PLACE - if we didn't have to put up with the folks who are, "Hell-bent on bending all things Heavenly - into something more akin to a burn in Hell"?

Doing "the right thing"!

Let's talk about doing "the right thing". Initiative is doing "T.R.T." without being told. Standing by the truth is doing TRT (always, the right thing). Preserve the lands and the seas, and all forms of life - deep inside, individually, we know that such will always be a doing of TRT. Doing TRT for your child shouldn't require pain and soul-searching, it requires doing. If we're going to do it (whatever "it" is), let us do TRT. Nobody really thinks that they're evil or bad, they think that they're - doing TRT. By opposing GMO's (an ethical and environmental decision) we decide to do TRT. Do TRT, but the most important thing - is to let people know, you are doing TRT. By doing TRT, at the right time, at the right place - when people truly need help - is also for the right reason. Ethics are not necessarily aligned with being law-abiding - the moral path, is doing TRT. Most people don't intend to cause harm - they do harm by doing TRT (in their mind only). Doing TRT for someone else is like a tonic - a magic ointment that makes a wound disappear. Real integrity is doing TRT, knowing (also) that nobody is going to know whether you did it or not. Doing TRT for (American born) immigrants, is to provide a chance to live and work - free from the fear (of deportation). When people just sit around talking about, "Peace" - (instead of) doing TRT - men, women and children are going to die. Eating healthy, is doing TRT for one's body. And it's not something a body has to do 365 days a year, but that one does 28-31 days per month. Character: is doing TRT when nobody's looking. Doing "the right thing" (TRT) has power. Do TRT every day of your life! Not everyone will like you for doing it.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Health + Care!

When ill-health or failing health is transformed into a profitable opportunity (i.e. a self-vested interest, "for" the "health-care" provider): we can be certain that they will "provide" sore little prevention, few cures, non-"health" and even less - "care".

[ I favor a NATIONAL HEALTH CARE system modeled after the network that has been implemented in Switzerland (not the abberations being tossed about by US party politics). Moreover, I oppose ALL "for profit" healthcare businesses (yes, all of them). ] Pls post your thoughts in "Comments". Click-on "Like" if you agree that present Amercan Healthcare strategies, are ALL on the WRONG track!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Our First" (kiss)...

"Our First"

Were our floodgates to open - were we to surrender all will to the body ...were we to find ourselves in each other's arms - fueling the fires of passion: (kiss upon kiss ...impetuous, so eager).

Might I love the smooth of thy lips and the way they fall upon mine? Would we embrace and lose all track of time? (Would every touch ...be a taste of love?)

The wanting sends a shiver down my spine (so intense is this) ...a caress so tender, as I repose my hand and heart upon thy body: (a union that makes you quiver and yearn for each next touch).

Might I love thy supple lips and the way they converge upon mine? And would we wish to join as one and lose all track of time? (Would every taste ...be the touch of love?)


'Tis a dream of lilac and lavender, Spring showers and Summer rains... Melodies growing and blooming, to become a field of flowers or a shaft of grain. (Fragrant, vibrant, intertwined.)

Eyes searching souls, Souls searching eyes. Our lips almost met. (At last ...but wait!) Am I wandering? I can't think it (nor wish to try). For I am already kissing you - in my mind's eye. (I desire more though - for our new bond means so much.)

Think not, but follow our hearts - not as mere friends in a quiet room. Our lips almost met again. (We quickly understood that we could never survive a second kiss.)


Once alone, I would want to make love with you - then again, and again! Tempted I would lean, a little - Tempted you would lean, a little. (And we would hear a long silence.)  Is it done?

'Twas moist, warm, sensual, soft, and sweet ...just what we wanted! (We could hear the beating of our hearts - as we listened to a longer silence.)  A blessed occurrence. 

Our first kiss!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Moi" {explained}.

"If one does not begin by showing one's self to be something of an independent, forward thinker - one quickly becomes something of a foregone conclusion."  N'est-ce pas? 

And you may quote me...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beat the Heat!

Holy moly, what's wit' this sultry heat?
Gimme a Sping-like day or a cool treat!
Rather Winter's snows, n' slabs o' ice?
Move to Alaska? (Cain't afford the price!)

Go ahead, there 're Kilo-Watts to burn...
(Sweaty-sticky makes m' body squim!)

The therm-o-stat's set t' seventy-eight.
(An empty wallet can definitely relate!)

But when blizzards' bite and sleets do come,
Some of us will be feelin' kinda duh dumb.

'Cause what we'd wished for (a sure bet),
Is a thing we'll most-likely (later) regret!

Whether, you're in swimmin' or off mowin'...

Whether, gone campin' or a' fishing goin'...
'T would sure be neat!
To beat this frickin' heat!

Copyright ©2011 - Robert C. Kuhmann - All Rights Reserved.

"Rain Rain"

When always raining,
Folks end-up saying,
Go away!

No pouring rain,
Brings farm-field pain,
Come today!

Each rain-drop playing.
Every drizzle staying.
Making hay!

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Monday, July 04, 2011


As you trace your way, by thy tiny light.
It takes your all, to glow and mark it bright.
Soaring, blinking - gone by sunrise' sight.
Gliding, winking - to fly fire each night.

Copyright ©2011 - Robert C. Kuhmann - All Rights Reserved, and dedicated to every child - who has chased, captured, admired the wonder of, and released fireflies - on any sultry Summer evening.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Both at the SAME time?

Be profoundly thoughtful, be also kind - for, one who VALUES nothing and no one, cannot be BOTH nor EITHER - at the same time.
Me Thinks

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

At gunpoint!

A short-list of things that the government can (and will) force you to do ...at gunpoint. 
  • taxpaying
  • zoning
  • speed limits
  • vehicle inspection
  • vehicle registration
  • protest in "free speech" zones
  • building codes
  • surrender your house under eminient domain
And that's just for starters. Every single rule and regulation which has been instituted by our government is  backed-up by Local, State, Federal police and Agents. They enforce their will at the barrel-end of a gun. If you continually decline to do precisely what the Local, State, and Federal government has decreed, then you will eventually find yourself looking down the barrel of a gun.
Count on it. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Common? Not Sense?

Take your "pick" of almost any topic: Common Sense is not so common anymore.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Take care of you...

None will improve your lot - if you yourself, do not...